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The summer always seems to fly by and here comes September with the province-wide entry into Phase 3 of COVID recovery. Kids are headed back to school having many changes and restrictions with the expectation of, “We will see how it goes!” Although we have been open through this entire pandemic, our service delivery has been through several modifications. It certainly has not been a satisfying task and is a going concern to refine our methods to deliver care CONSISTENTLY and SAFELY while being as EFFICIENT as possible to meet the continuous demand for care.

Like so many other things right now, it is not at all like it was! Having one-on-one appointments with our clients and their pets was never meant to be a distantly provided service. We don’t have pets not to pet them!

However, it has been repeatedly stated the MOST EFFECTIVE method to prevent COVID exposure is social distancing. WHEN EVER POSSIBLE this should be the first step taken. If service can be provided sufficiently at a distance than, as a rule, it should be. By design, brick and mortar, our practice was meant to have close contact with our clients and pets. With this in mind, there are a many reasons as to “why” we are continuing to restrict client access into our facility until further notice. A few are listed below:

 • Our services, for the most part, can be provided to the animal just the same without the owner attached. Clearly, not as satisfying, but the care and sincerity is truly the same. We take pride in what we do!

• Animal care requires restraint and close contact with the handler and examiner along with being a possible vector as they are a mutual surface to touch. 

• Limiting the number of people in the building at one time reduces the number of patients seen in a day. We have too much demand to do this. Appointment times are already booked too far in advance. 

• With each appointment, a more thorough sanitization would be required in all areas, not just the examination room. This adds considerable time and reduces the total number of patient visits possible. 

• The needs of each patient varies considerably, some requiring much more time than others. Having clients waiting for their pet in the building, limits the entry for the next patient.

• We have a small staff and if anyone in our practice does contract COVID, we would have to suspend our services entirely for a quarantine period…talk about a major problem!

• We have completely modified the interior of our practice to provide our service without clients in the building. Converting it back limits efficiency. • We really just don’t know when another wave of the virus will be. We feel keeping with our current model is the best compromise. 

• We ARE ALLOWING certain cases (eg. Euthanasia, In-Patient Visitation, Instructional visits, complicated cases) in specific rooms in the clinic. 

• We ARE ALLOWING people to step into the building to perform debit transactions.

**MASKS AND HAND SANITIZATION ARE MANDATORY for ANY entry into the building** 

Here is our current procedure of care
Phone: 519-264-1701 
TEXT: 519-914-0948 (This is new, it sends us a text to e-mail. Please try it) 

All services are by appointment. If you have an emergency please call, text or e-mail us so we can hopefully accommodate your needs as soon as possible. 

Call or Text when you arrive at the clinic. We will need to know your patient information, contact number and what vehicle you are driving. 

If you, or someone you are in close contact with, has COVID-like signs, PLEASE inform us so that appropriate PPE can be implemented.

We are able to see your animal in the clinic without you accompanying them. We will hand-off in the parking-lot with most communication limited to phone or e-mail discussion to minimize mutual exposure. This is NOT meant to be rude in any way. It is important not take away our team members from their care obligations within the building. There are often SEVERAL animals in the building at any one time. There is a lot to keep up with at this time!! 

• General out-patient appointments will be admitted and discharged at the FRONT entrance. 

• All Surgical, Euthanasia and Special Consideration cases will be admitted and discharged at the double doors labelled at the SIDE of the building. We will clarify this when you call. 

• Prescriptions, Products and Food are all available for hands-free pick-up at the side of our building. This includes Heartworm/Flea/Tick preventions. Please call or e-mail to order. 

• Our on-line “MyVetstore” is available for food and non-prescription products and will home deliver. 10% off Royal Canin and Hill’s foods and free delivery for orders over $100 when using the auto-ship option. **Delays with this service have been encountered with high demand on delivery companies and warehouse availability**. E-mail or call us if you wish to set-up this service.

Please know that we are truly doing our best to keep up! Most of our staff are overworked. We appreciate your business, confidence in our service, patience and understanding as we all move forward through this unknown. 

We wish you all and your families to remain healthy, and our thoughts extend to all those that are suffering. 

Kind Regards, 

The Staff at the Mount Brydges Animal Clinic